Turnkey Data Connector for NetSuite

Automatically connect your NetSuite data to the leading BI Tools and Cloud Storage Providers. Tactical Connect gives you an easy way to automatically export your data in CSV format for easy reporting, analysis and backup.

Easily Export Your NetSuite Data

Export Saved Searches and Datasets on a schedule to the application of your choosing.

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NetSuite Data Exporter

Export all your NetSuite data via Saved Searches and Datasets. Full control over data, destinations, and schedules. Export Transaction Data, General Ledger, Inventory, Revenue, and more.

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Send your NetSuite Data to Top Ranked Data Warehouses & BI Tools

Use Tactical Connect with the top ranked BI tools such as: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel and more. Tactical Connect lives 100% within NetSuite and connects directly with the Tactical Connect Data Warehouse or any configured endpoint, keeping your data safe and secure.

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Backup NetSuite Data

In case your NetSuite goes down, Tactical Connect ensures that you always have a backup of your data so that you never lose access to critical information to keep your business running without interruption.

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Powerful Alternative to SuiteAnalytics Connect or ODBC

Tactical Connect is SuiteApp Verified and gives you full control over your data. Export any search, to any destination, on your schedule. Since common endpoint integrations are built-in, setup is turnkey and only takes 15 minutes to get up and running.


Better NetSuite Data Extraction

Learn how Tactical Connect can replace ODBC/JDBC and deliver new functionality for your business in our latest whitepaper - download it for free today.

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What NetSuite Experts are Saying

After trying several solutions to integrate my NetSuite data with my BI tool, we struggled for numerous reasons. Then, we found Tactical Connect and it was set up within minutes and very easy to use. Tactical Connect truly is the fastest and easiest way to get your data out of NetSuite and into your favorite BI tool.

- Derek Sachs, System Administrator for KEVIN.MURPHY

Export Any NetSuite Saved Search and Dataset

Tactical Connect works with your NetSuite searches and customizations. We enable you to use your favorite BI tools to combine data from multiple reports for advanced visualization and insights.

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We've set out on a mission to simplify and enhance the way NetSuite customers can utilize BI tools and create backups of theirNetSuite data. So far, we’ve helped hundreds of NetSuite companies achieve a significantly larger ROI on their NetSuite data than before they started using Tactical Connect.

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