What is Tactical Connect

Saved Search Exporter:

Schedule Saved Searches to automatically export to your application of choosing: Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3 Bucket, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel and more. 


Common Use Cases

  • Connect to your favorite BI Tool: Use your NetSuite Saved Searches in your favorite BI tool or other applications (i.e Power BI, Qlik & Tableau)

  • An Alternative to Using ODBC

  • Create a NetSuite Backup: Backup all your NetSuite data so you will always have access to it. A backup acts as insurance for your company's data. 

150+ NetSuite Customers!



Our NetSuite customers were exploring ways to use BI tools, create back-ups of their NetSuite data and generally use their NetSuite data in other applications via a simple and cost effective approach. So, we set out on a mission to simplify and enhance the way NetSuite users can extract data via saved searches.


We are here to make your NetSuite experience awesome!


It's all about the journey! 

Roadmap for 2020:

  • Faster Performance

  • Enhanced Time/Date Options

  • More Security Features

  • Open to suggestions and custom development, just let us know...

2020.1 New Features

  • Performance upgrade to speed up search exports

2019.2 New Features

  • New Endpoint - Azure Blob Storage

  • UI - New enhancements

2019.1 New Features

  • New Product Release - Amazon S3 and OneDrive Endpoints

  • UI - New and improved UI

  • Performance - Increased performance


We are a bunch of boring accountants, nerdy developers, NetSuite gurus and pie-in-the sky thinkers who yearn to bring value to your organization! Please feel free to reach out and let us how we can keep making Tactical Connect better.

-The Tactical Connect Team

Certified NetSuite ERP Consultants, Developers and Administrators



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